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2018 Green Hop Harvest Ale

Our 2018 Green Hop Harvest Ale, aptly named: “Green Hop Harvest 2018” is now ready to go out to you lovely people to try. The farm-fresh Cobb Goldings give Green Hop Harvest 2018 a beautiful, fresh aroma with big hitting flavours, balanced by a light malt/fresh bread canvas background, evident from just the right amount of crystal malt & Single estate Branthill Farm Maris Otter Barley Malt.

As in previous years, this annual harvest ale requires military precision. Shane, The Cheshire Brewhouse Head Brewer, went to pick up this year’s farm-fresh bounty from Pridewood farm, near Ledbury, Herefordshire. Once he had the payload, he set off directly to HQ, making regular ETA calls to trigger key process points, synchronising the brewing process to coincide with the arrival of the star of the show (no, not Shane, the hops!).

We go to all this effort to allow us to capture the maximum essence of the fresh 2018 hop harvest. We do our utmost to prepare, timing the brewing process ready to accept the farm-fresh 2018 harvest Cobb Golding hops, which we steep, at the end of the boil. All this effort results in a superbly fresh, unique, Harvest Ale that captures the taste of the long, hot, 2018 summer growing season.

To add an extra-special edge, we used Single Estate Maris Otter Barley Malt, grown at Branthill Farm, Welles-Next-To-The-Sea, on the North Norfolk Coast.

Obviously, we highly recommend you try this beer for yourself and make your own mind up. However, to give you some idea about the beer:


Fresh orange peel and pith, citrus, and bread from the malt.


Best described as big! Initial tastings gave a big citrus, orange, grapefruit hit, balanced with a light malt (fresh bread) background with light carbonation, giving a superb mouth feel.

Extra Special Treat

We aim to create this annual brew as an extra-special treat, capturing the essence of the freshly picked Cobb Golding harvest. We steep the hops in our Harvest Ale as soon as we can after arriving at the brewery. In this case, we travelled to pick up the fresh hops from the farm directly, adding them to the boil a mere 3.5 hours later.

We hope you join us in enjoying this seasonal treat while it’s at its best: nice and fresh!

Bit of background:

If the freshly picked hops are not used or kiln dried on the day of picking, they quickly spoil. Kiln drying preserves the hops, removing the moisture, retaining the aroma and flavour characters. By using fresh green hops, as soon as we can, we retain many essential oils and volatile's lost in the kilning process. 


Allergens: Barley, Wheat (Gluten)
Malt: Pale Malt, Maris Otter, Crystal 
Bittering Hops: Earnest
Hops: Cobb Goldings 
 Available now in Very Ltd release in 9G Casks & in 500ml Bottles very soon.
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