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Beer Travels

Recently, I've been busy travelling, taking The Cheshire Brewhouse on the road. I've made lots of new connections and met some excellent brewers and publicans, picking up a ton of ideas on the way.

By now, I'm sure you will have read the blogs about our Heritage IPA: "Govinda Chevallier Edition", winning international accolades, with the RMI Analytics Champion Beer award.

RMI Analytics Heirloom Awards

Standing in the crowd, hearing the winners announced. I was jet-lagged, surviving on coffee. I'd had around two-hours sleep on the long-haul flight to Frankfurt from the US. I'll never forget the euphoric feeling on hearing the words: "The Champion beer is: The Cheshire Brewhouse with Govinda Chevallier Edition”. To be honest, the experience didn’t sink in until the day after. Even now, it feels a little strange saying: “I’m a World Champion Brewer”. However, it's something I'm more than happy to get used to it.

The RMI Analytics Heirloom awards are judged in blind-tasting conditions, to find a champion heritage beer. To qualify, the beers had to use verified heritage variety base malts. Our gold standard Heritage IPA: “Govinda Chevallier Edition” meets the criteria, using the certified heritage barley malt: "Chevallier", supplied by the Crisp Malting Group.

NOTE: Govinda Chevallier Edition was one of the first heritage variety beers made with the reintroduced Chevallier malt.

Govinda Chevallier Edition qualified for the world top-10 final through the preliminary rounds, passing the hundred-plus other heritage beers entered. In the final, the judges independently blind-tasted each beer to find the eventual winners.

The awards attracted some big names from around the world in: Nils Oscar – (Sweden) Wormtown Brewery (Massachusetts), Tiny Rebel (Wales) and Brauerei Hofstetten (Austria).

"Winning the Champion Beer award, came at a great time for me personally, and gave me a real boost after a period of hard graft."

I'm a firm believer that you're only as good as the beer you currently have on offer, and, that quality really counts, now, more than ever. With the market high on the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and trends towards an availability of a wide-range of beers (and styles). I think our plans toward an experimental phase might keep a few people up at night. We'll continue with our popular core range, and keep experimenting. In the New Year, I'll be brewing another batch of the International Champion Beer "Govinda Chevallier Edition".

Maine Winter Beer Festival

My trip to Maine was simply awesome. If you get the chance to go and spend time there, you'll go a long way to find a more welcoming bunch of people, some superb beer as well as some of the best lobster you'll find anywhere. While in Maine, I spent a lot of time with some top-class brewers and publicans, in some excellent pubs, bars and restaurants. I enjoyed spending time at the famous "Gritty's" with Richard Pfeffer, who has been a key man on the Maine beer scene for decades.

Before performing as lead singer with the Rising Tide Band in the Battle of the Bands, I completed a collaboration brew with Rising Tide Brewery. We joined forces to collaborate on the luscious 8.8% ABV Gibraltar Porter, made to a traditional British recipe dating back to 1889 and brewed with pale, brown, and black malts, then supplemented with rich Demerara sugar.

During my trip, I picked up a lot of new knowledge, and since returning, I've had time to plan and create some brand new experimental cask beers to release at our onsite tap room and to introduce locally.

The experimental brewing phase is in full swing. I've just brewed a trio of new beers, including a duo of Wet (green) Hop pale ales: Wet Paws and Peko Boo. Both of which are clean, light, hop-forward and very sessionable at 4%. The third experimental brew: Old Man Winter, is a 4.2% session bitter with an edge for the winter. Toffee in colour with a malty profile, a hint of roast, pithy orange with a fuller body, makes this a great beer for the colder weather. 

Shane Shanty - Beer Reviews

If you want to find out more about our new releases, come to the brewery tap room where it's currently available on Cask. Alternatively, see my beer reviews below. I try to make beer I enjoy, and as the video's show, this trio of experimental brews fit the bill. I absolutely loved making and quality controlling them all!

Pekko Boo 4% American Pale Ale:

Wet Paws 4.0% CTZ Wet Hop Expression American Pale Ale:

Old Man Winter 4.2% winter ale Shane Shanty:




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