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Govinda Chevallier Named As Champion Beer at World Finals

We are ridiculously excited to announce that our multiple award-winning heritage IPA, Govinda Chevallier Edition won the overall Champion Beer at the RMI Analytics Heirloom Malt Brewing Awards. This world final was held in early November, in Nuremberg, Germany.

Shane, The Cheshire Brewhouse founder and head brewer, attended this benchmark heritage beer final, making up one of the 10 finalist. The final 10 consisted of worldwide brewers, submitting entries and making it through the initial preliminary rounds.

When the overall champion beer was announced, Shane, jet lagged from an 18 hour journey, from his week at the Maine Beer Festival, was overjoyed to win this prestigious title for his awesome heritage creation: Govinda Chevallier Edition

About the Beer

Govinda Chevallier Edition is an heritage IPA, made to an authentic 1800's recipe, using the best heritage barley malt that Shane could source. In this case, "Chevallier", from The Crisp Malting Group.

The Chevallier malt has unique characteristics and and whole lot of flavour. As Shane is proving, capturing the essence of this malt and framing it with the right blend of process and complimentary ingredients takes the understanding of a master brewer. Click this video link, to watch Shane's own take on Govinda.

The World Champion beer crown was never an expectation. However, everyone at The Cheshire Brewhouse felt it had a great chance, as Govinda Chevallier Edition is universally loved.

"We always felt we were in with a chance with this already multiple award-winning Heritage IPA. Govinda Chevallier Edition is a beast of a beer." 

With multiple awards in 2018, including the RMI World Champion Beer and Great Taste awards, Govinda is increasing in popularity. Available in 500ml bottles, trying Govinda for yourself is highly recommended.

You do not want to miss your chance to try this World Champion Heritage IPA. The limited stock is in our cold store, alongside the 3-star Great Taste Award winning: Govinda Organic Plumage Archer Edition.

Both of these supreme editions of Govinda are available online now from our Heritage Beer Collection

  • Dr Chris Ridout of The john Innes Institute, The scientist that Reintroduced Chevallier Barley
  • David Jones of Morley Farms - The Farmer Growing Chevallier Barley.
  • Shane Swindells - Head Brewer of The Cheshire Brewhouse.
  • Sarah De Vos of New Heritage Barley Ltd - The Custodians of Chevallier Barley.
  • Dr David Griggs of Crisp Maltings - The Company Malting Chevallier Barley.


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