The Cheshire Brewhouse Mini-Kegs

Good News, The Cheshire Brewhouse have launched a series of mini-keg beers.

The 5-litre (8.7 pint) mini-kegs are a super-simple dispense method. They allow you to enjoy brewery-fresh beer at home with friends, perfect for parties and BBQ's.

The mini-kegs look great, creating a good first impression. We also find they provide an impressive talking point.

The 5-litre mini-kegs are fuss free, take up very little space, are simple to use and, as a bonus, save you time clearing up. When you're finished enjoying the beer, put the canister out with the recycling*.

Our first mini-keg release was the Burton Style Bitter: DBA. A customer recently described a batch of DBA as: "Angel Food". Not our words. Yet, we will admit to a few tweaks and, following quality checks, to it being one of the best batches of this recipe to date.

Free Shipping on Mini-Kegs

We sell our 5-litre mini-keg with free shipping. The price you see is the price you pay, including postage (correct at the time of writing).

Our mini-kegs now include a trio of limited edition, single-hop Pale Ales:

The mini-kegs are proving popular, so we look forward to further expanding the range.

Keep an eye out for future updates on the mini-kegs collection page.

All the best,


*We advise you to check your local recycling information.

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