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2018 RMI Analytics International Heritage Malt Brewing Awards

As well as featuring in the USA for Portland beer week, Shane, The Cheshire Brewhouse Head Brewer and main man behind the scenes, is flying direct from the USA, directly to Nuremberg, Germany.  

Shane arrives in Germany fresh from the Maine International Beer Festival in time for the 2018 RMI Analytics International Brewing Awards. He is at the awards to see how our Heritage IPA: "Govinda - Chevallier Edition", ranks as one of the World's top 10 Heritage Malt beers.

The award results will be announced on Monday, November 12th at The RMI Analytics Heritage Malt Symposium & Brewing Awards . Tension is building, as everyone at the Brewery, already proud to be sat at the table as one of the best 10 Heritage IPA's, has everything crossed to see our Heritage IPA crowned as the number one Heritage Malt Beer in the world!

Govinda, Chevallier, is a recreation of an authentic 1800's English Style IPA that was originally brewed in the Staffordshire town of Burton-Upon-Trent. We Use Chevallier Malt, which is a Heritage brewing variety of Barley, that was used to brew beer commercially, in the 1800's.

in 2014, Shane Swindells, Head Brewer at The Cheshire Brewhouse, was one of the first UK brewers to get early access to a small test-batch from the re-introduction program of the malt. Shane worked tirelessly, researching to find and recreate an authentic 1800's recipe, creating the first edition of Govinda. Shane's great brewing reputation gave him early access to the reintroduction program, which was put in place to see if making beer, using this long-lost heritage malt, was again possible and to the modern beer drinkers liking. We think the results speak for themselves. Try Govinda Chevalier for yourself

Please, wish us luck and cross your fingers (and toes). Keep an eye on our website and social media (Twitter and Facebook) where we hope to announce us bringing back first place, in early November.

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