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The Brewers of Europe Forum - Expert Speaker

The Brewers of Europe Forum

On June 3-4th The Cheshire Brewhouse Head Brewer, Shane Swindells, is taking up an invite to sit as part of an expert Panel. He is speaking at The Brewers of Europe Forum, in Antwerp Belgium, as an expert on brewing with heritage malts.

Shane received his invite after winning Champion Beer with Govinda Chevallier at the 2018 World Finals of the RMI Analytics Heirloom Malt Symposium. The audience can expect to hear expert insight on how Shane handles brewing with certified heritage barley.

Shane first heard about Chevallier at a Crisp Malt conference talk about the reintroduction of Chevallier. After the talk was over, he rushed to the speaker, from Crisp Malt, and asked to get hold of some early malted Chevallier. At that time there was only enough malted Chevallier for one brew. Shane secured this batch and set about researching historic brewing recipes and methods. The result was Govinda Chevallier Edition.

Shane said about securing the first malted Chevallier barley:

“I was brewing Govinda before the Chevallier Edition, but I used floor-malted Maris Otter. At the time, that was the Oldest variety of Barley I could obtain. The chance to use Chevallier, the barley they were using when The Burton India Pale Ale was originally brewed, was what motivated me to secure the Chevallier Barley”.

Shane’s consistently high quality produce, and hard earned reputation, lead to him being trusted by some of UK’s largest Malt suppliers and scientific agencies. His C.V. proves he can showcase, and legitimise brewing with, reintroduced heritage strains early in the process. He has a record for creating award-winning beers, stemming from using the first small batches of malted heritage Barley. Shane’s experience and track record offers producers and scientists the confidence that their efforts are not in vein, and that the rewards are available at the end of a costly, time consuming reintroduction programme. His recipe building is fully scalable, so small batches can be increased with the same results.

Shane is well-known for his World Champion beer: Govinda Chevallier Edition, the English India Pale Ale, with its luscious apricot jam, stone fruits and holding spicy-bitter finish. Chevallier Edition’s sister uses another reintroduced heritage malted barley: Organic Plumage Archer. Shane was asked to explore the brewing potential of the Organic Plumage Archer barley and was trusted as one of only three breweries worldwide with access to Organic Plumage Archer.  Shane, highlighted the credibility of this long forgotten, flavour-packed, heritage barley. Showcasing what highly-skilled artisan brewers can achieve with unknown ingredients, he won a rare 3-star Great Taste Award with his English IPA: Govinda Organic Plumage Archer Edition.

If you want to learn more about Shane, The Cheshire Brewhouse and his award-winning beers, visit: www.cheshirebrewhouse.co.uk. Here you can find products for sale and blog posts.

Shane will be in Antwerp, speaking on June 3-4th presenting as an expert on brewing with heritage malts. If you are going too, please let us know on our social media platforms (below). Please do come and say hello at the forum. Shane is friendly, doesn’t bite and is fully house-trained.

All the best,


The Cheshire Brewhouse.

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