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The Four Pillars of Beer

The Cheshire Brewhouse, Pillars of Beer series, is aimed at improving your beer knowledge. Founder, Shane Swindells, explains the four pillars of beer:

Bonus Content:

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We begin this series of informational videos with malt. Malt is what allows brewers to make wort. The saying goes, brewers make wort, yeast makes beer. The mix and types of malt and other non malted grains, is like any recipe, different mixes make different beers. 

Here, Shane explains more about how he goes about selecting and using malt.



Here, Shane explains where the brewery water comes from, a little about water chemistry, as well as touching on some water modifications required to create the different styles of beer.


Shane goes over the fragrant, flavoursome world of Hops. Hops are the pillar of beer that are utilised for elements of bitterness, flavours and fragrance. He also pays tribute to the wonderful British hops we use to create some of our beers, including the World Champion Heirloom Beer, Govinda Chevallier Edition. Govinda uses an entirely British recipe, uses an unbelievable amount of hops and has an off the scale IBU level. The hops help to balance out the sweetness of the Crisp "certified heritage" Chevallier barley malt, which is grown in a single field, near Norwich, East Anglia, UK.


Here, Shane explains about the engine room of the beer making process, the yeast. Yeast comes in many strains and converts the wort, the brewer makes, into the beer you all know and love.

Bonus Content

Slow Beer Verses Global Beer

Slow artisan beer verses high gravity global beer.

What is "High Gravity" brewing?

Let Shane tell you in this informational vlog.


Here, Shane explains why clear & green glass bottles are not the Best packaging choice for beer.

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