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Isinglass-Free Cask Beer

The Cheshire Brewhouse strives to produce the best beer possible and is on a continual journey of improvement. We are always looking maximise the appeal of our small batch artisan beer. With this in mind, we have taken the decision to make completely Isinglass-free Cask Beer. We have now removed Isinglass finings from the brewing process for our cask beers. However, we have always been fish-product-free on our bottled and keg beer’s.

Cask beer now Isinglass free

We want everyone to enjoy our cask beers, so have made the decision to completely remove Isinglass from all our cask beer, this allows us to cater for vegetarian and vegan customers.

To get to this point, we undertook extensive research and trials to find a suitable process to produce cask beers without the use of Isinglass Finings. The Cheshire Brewhouse is now happy to announce that we now have a suitable process, allowing us to produce a high-quality, Isinglass-free beer.

During the research and testing phase, we found an Isinglass-free process that allows us to produce the same high quality beer that we believe is as good, if not a higher quality in cask. Our fish-free process has produced a beer as bright and visually appealing as it was using Isinglass, and, as an added benefit we, believe that our beers now have a fuller flavour and aroma without the fish-derived, Isinglass, ingredient.

All cask Beers after Gyle 296 are now Isinglass-free and vegan-friendly.

What is Isinglass & Why Your Beer is Better Without it?

No Isinglass means better beer in the glass. Isinglass is a product derived from the dried swim bladder of fish, used to accelerate the clarification (fining) of beer. The Isinglass interacts with the beer, binding the live yeast and other suspended particulates to form a jelly-like mass that settles, allowing the clear beer to be drawn from the cask. Isinglass finings can also remove flavonoids and essential oils from suspension in addition to yeast, we therefore believe: No Isinglass means better beer in the glass. Fining the beer is important in modern beer production, as both customers and Landlords expect a high-quality, consistently clear product.


The Cheshire Brewhouse is proud of our new animal-free process, and we believe it produces an improved product. We wanted to move to Isinglass-free beer to allow us to allow us to produce a completely animal-free range of cask, keg and bottled beer. The Cheshire Brewhouse Isinglass‑free beers directly demonstrate our strong ethics and progressive nature. We believe it is imperative to source ethical, sustainable, local, British ingredients where possible, that allow us to create the best possible natural, live beers.

We hope you agree with us and stock our animal-free products very soon.

All the best.

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