Govinda Organic Plumage Archer - Heritage IPA - 6.4%

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Product image 33-Start Great Taste Award - Govinda Organic Plumage Archer Edition

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Govinda Organic Plumage Archer Edition is one of a quartet of 2018 Great Taste® award winning beers from The Cheshire Brewhouse.

This 3-star Great Taste award-winning Heritage IPA: Organic Plumage Archer Edition, is one of only a handful of beers made in the UK using the certified "Heritage", Organic Plumage Archer, Malt.

We used this organically grown heritage variety Barley, originally g¹rown between 1905 to sometime in the 1950's, and hopped with lots of Ernest, Early Keyworth & Jester. The result is an award-winning combination of tropical fruit aromas, citrus, a highly complex bitterness with lots of peaches, pears and honey with peppery spice.

Govinda is faithfully brewed to a traditional, heritage Burton-Upon-Trent IPA recipe, from the early 1800’s.

Govinda pays homage to the highly-hopped pale ales, shipped to India to slake the thirst of the English Raj.

Tasting Notes

Great Taste® Judges said:

"An intense bitterness but still smooth, big flavoured but balanced, rounded and delicious. When you go back a second and third time and find new flavours like citrus, it makes you remember why they brewed IPAs in the first place: to withstand a sea crossing. In Calcutta they used to say 'it has ripened.'
Great clarity and carbonation. We loved the nose - peaches and cream - which carried through to the palate. We also loved the subtle complex flavours of red apple, peach and honey, and the huge bitter finish."

Shane Swindells, Head Brewer at the Cheshire Brewhouse says:

Beer O'clock Show Podcast said: 

Govinda Organic Plumage Archer featured on the Beer O'clock show podcast. Read our blog post to learn more or listen to what they had to say below.

This beer is unfiltered, unpasteurised and finings-free. Vegan & Vegetarian-friendly. Available in single, 6-pack or 12-pack 500ml bottles.


Allergens: Barley (Gluten)
ABV: 6.4%
Alcohol 6.4% Vol
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