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Please find our wholesale list below. Please read and understand our terms of business.

NOTE: Discount is an Early Payment Discount. To qualify for discount full payment must be cleared in our bank account within 30 Days of delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

We offer good discounts on multi-buy, call: 01260 274788 for the best deal.


  • Buy 4 Beers (Cask or Keg) receive £15.00 off.
  • Add any other beer (including guest beers) to receive another £5.00 per cask. 
  • Cask Beers 9Gal (18Gal & Pins available on request).

**All our beers are Vegan friendly.**

Keg Type - 30L KeyKeg




The Revolution will Not Be Televised 5.4% New England IPA, heavily dry hopped with NZ/US hops, full of oats, naturally very hazy.
Bugtown Brown  5.5% American Brown Ale with a complex malt profile, tempered with Cascade and Summit Hops.  Named after the pet name for "Buglawton", an area of Congleton very close to the Brewery.


Terms of Business 

How to Order

Simply order by replying to this email. We really don't mind if you want to call us for a chat, but email is the most reliable way of securing your order.


To save on delivery costs we can offer you a discount of £15 if you take 4 casks of The Cheshire Brewhouse Beer in one go, with £5 off for each additional cask ordered (so 6 casks is £25.00 off!). We do count  kegs as casks for the purpose of your discount!

Payment Terms

We require cash on delivery, or electronic payment in advance, or sign up to our direct debit form here:

Cask Care

Please do not write directly onto our casks (with chalk pens or otherwise). It is very difficult to remove.

Please ask when ordering and we will gladly supply you with blank stickers to write on.

Our Casks cost a lot of money (even the plastic ones). While we are sure you will look after our Casks while in your care, we do reserve the right charge you for lost or damaged or casks.

Issues with the Product

If you find a problem with one of our beers or a guest beer we have supplied, for example beer not clearing after being on stillage and vented for 3 days. Please leave the beer in place and contact us immediately so we can work through a solution. We will need know; beer name & brewery, when the beer was stillaged, when it was tapped & vented and what is the current condition of the beer, Please follow these guidelines, if not we will not be able to provide a refund. 

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Kind Regards,

Shane Swindells

The Cheshire Brewhouse


We offer good discounts on multi-buy, call: 01260 274788 for the best deal.

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