The Brewhouse Craft Beer Tasting Selection - Box of 12 Bottles

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This mixed box includes our finest selection of bottled craft brews:

  • Cheshire Gap 3.8% - English Pale Ale. One of The Top 10 British beers made with British Hops
  • Engine Vein 4.2% - Copper Ale. Named after an ancient copper mine at Alderley Edge Cheshire
  • George of the Junga 4.2% - Single-hopped pale ale. Hopped with Polish Junga Hops
  • Swiss Hill Pale Ale 4.4% - heavily-hopped American pale ale. Hopped & dry-hopped with Summit & Cascade.
  • Bugtown Brown 5.5% - American Brown Ale. Complex malts with a big American hop kick
  • Lupy As A Toucan 5.8% - IPA. Fruit salad and sherbert citrus aplenty with a firm west coast bitterness.
  • Barrel Aged Conger Tun Ale 6.3% - Wee Heavy. Brewed in November 2016, barrel aged in five oak casks for 12 months, then blended back, to give this complex malt and barrel complexity. Don’t miss out, This beer is available in very limited quantities.
  • Govinda Chevallier 6.8% - IPA. Our flagship heritage craft beer is made to a Victorian, Burton English IPA recipe. It is brewed with the revived heritage Barley Malt: “Chevallier”, with a massive amount of English Golding hops. Listed as one of the best 350 Craft Beers in the world by Adrian Tierney Jones in his latest book The Seven Moods of Craft Beer
  • Govinda Organic Plumage 6.4% - IPA. This variant of Govinda is made to a Victorian, English IPA recipe with the heritage Barley Malt: Organic Plumage Archer, originally grown around 1905 -1953, and two heritage English hops, Ernest & Early Keyworth, plus the modern English Hop "Jester". This beer is dry, bitter, fruity and refreshing. 

Each box of 12 comprises of:

  • 2x 500ml bottles of Engine Vein
  • 2x 500ml bottles of Cheshire Gap
  • 1x 500ml bottles of Swiss Hill
  • 2x 500ml bottles of George of the Junga
  • 1x 500ml bottles of Bugtown Brown
  • 1x 500ml bottles of Govinda Chevallier
  • 1x 500ml bottles of Govinda Organic Plumage 
  • 1x 500ml bottles of Lupy As A Toucan
  • 1x 330ml bottles of Barrel Aged Conger Tun Ale

Allergens: Contains Barley & some contain Wheat.

All Beers are Unfined, Unfiltered, Natural and Vegan Friendly.

Alcohol 5.8% - 6.8% Vol
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